Neck lift surgery

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Neck lift surgery

A neck lift tightens folds of skin under the chin and can remove excess fat. Book a consultation in Tauranga or Rotorua with Mr Brandon Adams for neck lift (also known as Platysmaplasty)surgery.

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A careful assessment of your goals and an examination of your neck and face are the key to ensuring the right stategy for you. Mr Brandon Adams will focus on your particular situation and develop a safe and appropriate plan for addressing your concerns. Excess fat can be removed with liposuction or direct surgery; the skin is re-draped; and the excess skin is excised with scars placed in inconspicuous places. Complications of neck lift surgery are similar to those of face lift surgery.

how long does  the operation take?

2-3 hours



Plastic and reconstructive surgery is a specialised branch of medicine which requires many years of training. Following medical school, Tauranga hand surgeon Mr Adams undertook an additional 9 years of training and was awarded a Fellowship in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. He then undertook 18 months training in Aesthetic (Cosmetic) surgery and complex reconstructive surgery with leading experts.


If your surgery requires implants or a special post operative garment then these will have a cost associated with them.


Your follow up for 6 weeks, including any wound care and appointments are included in your surgeons’ fees. Costs for revision surgery are not included.


To perform safe surgery a high quality operating facility is required. Extensive surgery requires overnight hospital stays with skilled nurses.

Private hospitals charge for time used in the operating theatre, recovery time and day stay or overnight hospital stays. In addition they charge for all equipment used such as sutures, dressings, disposable instruments and drapes.

Tauranga plastic surgeon Mr Adams only operates at private hosptials with highly trained nursing staff who care for you after your operation in recovery and on the ward if you stay overnight.


Any surgery requring a general anaesthetic (going to sleep for surgery) or sedation requires a skilled anaesthetist. Anaesthetists are skilled doctors who require at least 7 years training after medical school to achive the highest standards of skill and safely.

Your comfort and safety is the result of team work between all of the doctors and nurses who will care for you. If you have complex medical conditions you may need additional assessments prior to surgery.


Most of the time surgery goes well and wounds heal without problems. However, no surgical treatment is completely risk free - if you are having elective or cosmetic surgery it is especially important that you understand this. The general complications of surgery which occur with some regularity include:

  • Infection
    Delayed healing
  • Bruising
    Problematic or unsightly scars
  • Infection
    Injury to nerves, blood vessels, or surrounding structures
  • Pain
    Distortion of surrounding skin or other structures
  • Allergic reactions
    Poor cosmetic result
  • Complications of sedation or general anaesthetic
    Further surgery or other treatments

If there is a complication that requires further surgery – you or your insurer will be responsible for any further costs.


The estimates of cost provided are estimates only and are not based on what is needed by any particular patient. If surgery is unexpectedly complex it may take longer then hospital and anaesthetic costs will increase. If a complication occurs and requires surgery there will be costs associated with repeat surgery. Mr Adams does not control the hospital or anaesthetic costs

How much will this procedure cost?

private hospital

The estimated costs of having
Neck lift surgery
with Mr Adams at Grace hospital is approximately

$22,400 to $30,000


* In addition to surgical fees, these figures include an estimate of hospital and anaesthetic costs.

private clinic

The estimated costs of having
Neck lift surgery
with Mr Adams at the Da Vinci clinic is approximately


* In addition to surgical fees, these figures include an estimate of hospital and anaesthetic costs.


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