Warnings Issued Over Cheap Breast Implant Surgery
- August 19, 2015

The New Zealand Institute of Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery has issued warnings to women considering travelling overseas for cheap breast implants.

Dozens of New Zealand women are reported to have returned home recently with complications following cheap breast implant procedures in countries like Thailand. Experts suggest that plastic surgeons in some overseas countries can source breast implants for as little as $100 a pair. By comparison, they cost around $2000 per pair in New Zealand.

Most of the women who’ve returned home following such plastic surgery procedures have ended up with infections which has led to them having further surgeries in New Zealand.

New Zealand Institute of Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery founding co-director Janek Januszkiewicz said that one of the biggest problems with women heading overseas for this type of plastic surgery was that it was undermining years of improvements in such fields in this country. To add to matters, the resulting hospital bill from these complications was being picked up by the New Zealand taxpayer through ACC.

"We're striving to get the best results through having highly trained surgeons, really good nursing staff and reputable implant manufacturers,'' Mr Januszkiewicz said.

Many of the sourced breast implants used overseas are made in China which doesn’t bode well from a quality assurance perspective, particularly because of the poor level of working standards in China.

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