The Latest in Plastic Surgery Trends
- August 19, 2015

Plastic surgery, like fashion, is subject to trends. What’s “hot” changes constantly as new procedures gain momentum. Here are some of the latest popular trends as well as the more unusual innovations and techniques on the radar. 

Eyebrow transplant

Over-plucking eyebrows can cause them to become thin or not grow back. A permanent solution is an eyebrow transplant. This involves a surgeon grafting in hairs removed from the back of your head.

'Liquid' procedures

Anything non-surgical, or 'liquid' is popular, with a major increase in Liquid Rhinoplasty and the Liquid Facelift observed in the US. A combination of Botox and facial fillers are injected to even out irregularities in the nose and smooth the appearance of the face.

Grin lift

For some, a frown appears more naturally than a smile. A grin lift, or a corner lip lift, claims to turn that upside down. The procedure involves removing the extra skin above each corner of the mouth, causing it to lift. 

Chubby cheek surgery

A buccal lipectomy is a minor procedure that can help to improve the look of chubby cheeks. A small incision inside the cheek is made to remove some fat, causing the cheek hollows to contour inward.

Fat graft

At the other end of the spectrum, some doctors see the hottest thing in plastic surgery as involving adding fat to certain parts of the body, like the face. Fat grafting or volumetric restoration reorganizes the elastic fibers under the skin, making the patient look more youthful.

Bra line back lift

Fat on your back can sometimes make wearing a bra uncomfortable but there is a procedure available to have back rolls surgically removed. A bra line back lift can create a tighter, smoother, trimmer contour in the back with no more bulging around the bra strap.

Having plastic surgery of any kind can be a big decision.  Don't overlook the importance of choosing the right surgeon and be sure to choose a qualified professional. Talk to us at Brandon Adams' plastic surgery clinics in Tauranga or Hamilton if you have any queries regarding plastic surgery procedures.