Botox, Facelifts and Implants Becoming Routine for Men
- October 19, 2015

Attitudes towards male cosmetic surgery are changing. For a growing group of men, a few shots of Botox and some dermal filler to see you through an international conference or business meeting is just part of the grooming routine.

Having already driven a massive increase in male spending on grooming products (eg. coffee scrubs) since the mid-90s, this generation is rapidly taking up the new range of non-surgical procedures.

Dr Catherine Stone is the owner of the unisex medical spa in downtown's Britomart. She has noticed a shift in attitude to the point where it's just part of the routine for some men now. "In meeting situations it helps when their role and position is reflected in their face. You could say their face has become their calling card," she says.

Men are now almost 30 per cent of the total clientele at the spa, with a 50/50 gay-straight split and Dr Stone sees every reason to be confident as the trend toward male cosmetics continues to grow.

Stone says she's fascinated by the psycho-socio impact of Botox and how even subtle changes in appearance can make people blossom.

The Journal of Psychiatric Research recently published the results of a randomised, placebo-controlled study which suggests Botox could become a useful treatment for depression. Botox relaxes the muscles used for frowning and it seems that maintaining a frown may quite literally be getting some people down.

New Zealand plastic surgeon, Mr Brandon Adams has also seen first-hand the strong connection between looking good and feeling good and the beneficial impact a small change can have on men and women's confidence. Contact Mr Adams any time with your questions or to arrange a consultation.